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Toto Costruzioni Generali
Road construction and major public works

Founded in the Sixties, Toto Costruzioni Generali is the original core of the Toto Group. Today it is among the largest road and rail infrastructure construction companies in Italy. Its proven wealth of skills and experience in the field make it the driving force of the Group, sharing its operative efficiency with other Toto companies, from maintenance work and upgrading of the Strada dei Parchi motorway concessions to the construction of Renexia renewable energy plants. The history of this company has been marked by a constant drive for technological innovation as well as reliability in the timely completion of projects, which explains the success that Toto enjoys today as a general contractor. The Company specialises in the construction of tunnels, using advanced mechanised excavation technologies, and viaducts, using innovative engineering techniques, and this makes Toto Costruzioni Generali an active and irreplaceable force in the development of Italy's infrastructure. Its presence growing on the international scene, Toto Costruzioni Generali is in the front line in terms of involvement in complex projects, where territorial challenges require a global specialist in the development and application of avant-garde technical solutions.




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