October 14th, 2014   U.S. Wind Inc. wins Maryland offshore wind auction
April 25th, 2014   Early opening for A24 Slip Roads
October 28th, 2013   Toto Costruzioni selects GE wind turbines to power Italy's Puglia Region
July 29th, 2013   Sparvo Tunnel: TBM Martina breaks through the last wall setting a new world record for mechanised excavation
July 27th, 2012   Press Release: Last diaphragm wall of the Sparvo Tunnel north carriageway broken through
May 4th, 2012   Press Release: TOTO on the Val di Sambro landslide
April 16th, 2012   Press Release: Cefalù
April 9th, 2012   Press Release: record-breaking TBM
February 17th, 2012   Toto disappointed by halt of work on the Val di Sambro Tunnel
February 10th, 2012   Release of TBM Valico Bypass
December 23th, 2011   Press Release: Toto for Teramo Basket
July 28th, 2011   Press Release: TBM starts work on the Sparvo Tunnel
June 27th, 2011   Press Release: Melò to be new General Manager of Strada dei Parchi
May 31th, 2011   Press Release: closing for Strada dei Parchi
May 24th, 2011   Press Release: A24 slip roads
May 10th, 2011   Press Release: Eboli
February 28th, 2011   Definitive Press Release: SdP-Dexia-SocGen
January 3rd, 2011   Press Release: Strada dei Parchi acquisition
December 9th, 2010   Press Release: delivery of Schwanau TBM
November 4th, 2010   Press Release: Mole funding


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